52413 – Rooney

Medical Case – Heartworms 🙁

1 year
28 pounds
Heartworm positive 🙁
Available as of 9/17
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Why choose me?
Update 10/8: Rooney has come so far since that first day I met him at the pound. Instead of being a frightened dog whose ribs you could count, he’s confident and has filled out. He’s happy, handsome, and really shines! It goes to show what care and love can do. We’ve kept two of his original pictures so you can see the difference. Now, Rooney just needs to have his heartworms treated and find that wonderful, forever home that he longs for and deserves!

Rooney is a super sweet boy who obviously hasn’t had the best life. He’s thin and you can see his ribs. I don’t think I ever saw him run. He just wanted to stay close and watched me with the most endearing eyes. He’d do what I asked of him whether it was to sit or come to me, and he was content to sit next to me and be petted. He also loved treats but was never pushy about getting them. Rooney wants to be loved, and I bet that’s something he hasn’t seen a lot of. He’s a dear, sweet boy who deserves a better life than he has known.