52369 – Adella

2 years

Female – spayed!

63 pounds

Heartworm negative!

Available as of 9/8

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Why choose me?

Update 10/7: Adella is trying really hard to learn what it is to be an unchained dog. She is still unsure of herself in meeting new dogs, but really enjoyed getting to meet Mel so we’re confident she will come around quickly once she’s in a setting where she can be introduced properly to new 4-legged friends. She was interested in the cat we introduced her to, sniffing and licking(!) him, though as with all dogs we’d suggest taking cat introductions slowly since a running cat can be FAR more tempting than one walking sedately around. We’d love for her to have a foster home so she can work on her dog interactions and because she has lost the hair at the tip of her tail, setting her up for happy tail. If you’d like an overnight guest or could commit to foster or adopt her, please let us know–we’re determined to give her the normal life she didn’t have a chance at in her past (chained) life!

Adella is a sweet, beautiful girl. She originally came to the pound with an embedded collar and had spent her life chained outside. Her wound has healed, and it’s obvious that Adella loves having the freedom to run. She was adopted in August but was returned for biting another dog in the household. Her adopters had been told that it would be best for Adella to be the only dog in the home or she should have structured introductions. She loves people but can be selective about her doggie friends. At the pound, she has a blast running with other dogs along the fenceline, and today her running buddy was Calvin. If she’s not running, she sometimes enjoys playing with stuffed toys or relaxing with human friends soaking up praise and pets. Adella is a good dog, but she needs to find her right match!