52331 – Curtis

Medical Case – Heartworms 🙁

2 years
50 pounds
Heartworm positive 🙁
Available as of 9/14
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Why choose me?
Update 10/10: The first time we visited Curtis, he seemed very nervous. I sat in his kennel with hot dogs to win his trust. He gradually came closer until he finally sat next to me and let me pet him.
Today, while he was still a bit apprehensive at first, he came right up to the front of his kennel for our treats and pets. When I reached in to leash him, he stayed seated there like a good boy.
The stress of the shelter can be a bit much for him. He needs people to go slow and he does bark at the other dogs when he passes by their kennels. However, once you get him into an interaction pen, all he wants is love. He sat next to us almost the whole time, enjoying the attention we gave him. He was perfectly calm and gentle with my kid. He would make a great family dog. 🐶

Curtis is a handsome dog with his white with black coat. I’d cringe as he ran along the fence with Mel just missing a huge mud puddle in the pen–especially since I hadn’t started taking his pictures yet. After his race and near misses with the puddle, Curtis spent time with me. He loves leaning next to you as you pet him. He’s a sweet, friendly boy and is happy for all the attention you can give him. Curtis was surrendered before his buddy Loew, but they came from the same household. Often they were seen palling around together in the neighborhood, and now they’re here. Unfortunately, Curtis has heartworms, but I hope he gets treatment and finds a new home. I enjoyed my time with this sweet, happy dog!