52327 – Gemma

3 years
45 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 9/9
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Why choose me?

Gemma is a real gem! She’s smart, beautiful, well-behaved and fun. I can’t leave out that she’s also super sweet and affectionate. When my husband sat on the bench, she was leaning against him enjoying every pet, and they’d just met. Gemma is a master of sit, and if she saw me reach into my pocket, she was sitting before I even gave her the command. She was on the picnic table, and I asked her to lie down, and she immediately went into a crouch and placed her head on the table. She really is a smart girl. I threw a toy for Gemma and that didn’t get her attention, but a tennis ball did. Her eyes brightened, and she was ready to play fetch. She’d run for the ball, drop it in front of me, and then do a little “paw work” to make it stop rolling. She’s adorable! I know someone must be missing this wonderful dog, but if not, she can be a jewel in your family!