52323 – Coco Pup

Rescue Only

2-4 months
10 pounds
Heartworm n/a
Available as of 9/3
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Why choose me?

Coco Pup is a happy, energetic pup who’s all about having fun and being loved on. She doesn’t miss a thing and isn’t shy about getting what she wants whether it’s being held, getting a treat, or meeting another dog at the fence. She was so cute at the fence with Tina first showing that she’s a good, submissive pup, and then prancing along the fence trying to be like her new friend. Afterwards, she was running to me to hop in my arms. Coco Pup is as cute as a button but only available to rescues because she’s too young to be spayed. She also has a little hernia on her tummy that can probably be fixed when she’s spayed. I’m sure Coco Pup will be a joy to whoever eventually adopts her. I know I’m cuckoo for Coco Pup!