52317 – Cleo

2 years
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 9/1
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Why choose me?

Cleo is a beautiful, shy dog. When she first came to the pound, she was so scared that the officer decided to wait about weighing her and determining her age until she was more comfortable. We’ll update that information soon. Surprisingly, Cleo walked on a leash with me to an interaction pen. As soon as we entered the pen, she ran to hide beneath the picnic table, so I sat on the bench reaching to pet her. Eventually, I moved to the top of the table, and before I knew it, Cleo had joined me. She was so much more at ease and liked sitting close for more pets. I couldn’t get her to leave the table top for pictures. It had become her throne where she could watch all that was going on and feel safe. I called her Cleopatra but was happy she was doing well even if she wouldn’t leave her throne. Cleo is a sweet dog who wants to be with people. I imagine it won’t be long before she’s running around and having even more fun.