52300 – Sweet Face

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1 year Male – neutered! 67 pounds Heartworm negative! Available as of 8/26 Click here to sponsor
Why choose me? Update from Sweet Face’s Doggie-Day-Out: Sweet Face had a great doggie-day-out. First, he enjoyed a nice long walk with another dog where he encountered pedestrians, squirrels, and barking dogs with no reaction. He was as good as gold! After being properly introduced to two new canine friends, they played off leash in the yard and had a blast! Today, he got the chance of his lifetime to show the world just how special and perfect he is. ✅We tested him with toys and bones. He allows you to take them with no issues. ✅He plays great with other friendly dogs when introduced properly! ✅He happily drank water from the same bowl with another dog. ✅He hopped and pranced and played! ✅He walked PERFECTLY on the leash. ✅He showered us with kisses and love. ✅He doesn’t try to escape a fenced yard! ✅He rides perfectly in the car! Update 10/25: Look at Sweet Face now! His coat has filled in, and he’s no longer underweight–he’s gained 24 pounds. Instead of being a little thin, he’s now a little chunky, but exercise will take care of that. He loves going for walks and chasing toys. He’s a sweet, happy boy who needs a home and family to love! Update 10/20: Thanks to a special donation to the Spay/Neuter Fund, Sweet Face is now neutered! Update 8/28: No more sad, lost soul looks for Sweet Face. He’s much more comfortable at the pound and enjoys spending time in an interaction pen. He wants to hang out with friends and loves pets, treats, tummy rubs, and rolling in the grass. Now, you’ll catch him wagging his tail and giving you grins when you offer him treats and tell him he’s a good boy. He’s also likely to be sitting by your side being as sweet as ever. By the way, his coat is looking better, too! I adore Sweet Face! When I first met Sweet Face and he looked up at me, I immediately thought, “What a sweet face!” That’s what I started calling him, and the name stuck. Sweet Face obviously hasn’t had the best care. He has hair loss along his back probably from a flea allergy, and he’s also a little thin. He seemed like a lost soul. Treats and soothing pets encouraged Sweet Face to trust me, and his gentle ways and need for a friend touched my heart. He really is a super sweet dog. He needs some TLC and someone who can show him how wonderful life can be!