52297 – Boo Boo

1 year
45 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 8/30
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Why choose me?

Update 9/17: Boo Boo is the sweetest girl! It takes a few minutes for her to trust new people, but once she does, she stays beside you and wants to be loved. She’d rest her head on my leg and look up at me with the sweetest face as I petted her. Boo Boo palled around with Yvonne, but she’s not one to play. She’s a gentle girl who quietly enjoys being with friends and would really love to have a special person in her life.

Update 9/16: Boo Boo and Yvonne are playmates! They can only play together if a staff member is present, but if things are quiet around the shelter while you are visiting, you can ask if it’s a good time for a play date!

Help us help Boo Boo! She’s an owner surrender and came to the pound absolutely petrified. She’d hug the floor and cower at your touch. One of the officers has been working with her, and she’s warmed up a ton. Boo Boo really wants to love and will slowly work her way towards you. Once she trusts you, she loves to hangout by your side. Boo Boo lived with seven other dogs and has spent her life outdoors, but she keeps her kennel clean and goes to the bathroom when she’s taken outside. Anyone have room for a gal that just needs some extra TLC to shine??