52294 – Sweet Pea

1 year
Female – spayed!
30 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 8/19
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Why choose me?

Update 9/3: Good news! Sweat Pea, after being returned for a third time, went into board and train with an awesome trainer who offered her time up to help our sweet gal. After two weeks, she’s not only able to walk by dogs with a barrier without reacting, she can play with them happily and off leash!! Her trainer loves her so much she has offered to foster her. If you are interested in adopting or rescuing Sweet Pea, contact ACCAC so that a meet and greet can be arranged.

Update 8/19: As it turns out, the third time leaving the pound was not the charm for Sweet Pea. Once again, she wasn’t a good match for her adopters. When it comes down to it, Sweet Pea is a frightened pup who needs time, love, and guidance to adjust to new situations. To help her gain confidence and new skills, Sweet Pea is going to a board and train program for two weeks. These trainers and so many people of ACCAC and Athenspets believe in Sweet Pea. We all look forward to the day when she finds her true forever home.

Update 8/4: Sweet Pea has been offered training with trainers experienced in working with behavioral issues. Whoever fosters will not only be helping out this sweet girl, but also learn valuable training tools for themselves! If you are with a rescue and can commit to training with Sweet Pea, please consider this opportunity to help her as well as learn new skills.

Update 7/29: Unfortunately, Sweet Pea is back at the pound. While she’s lived with cats before, she chased the cat in her most recent home. Sweet Pea would do best as the only pet in the home. She has lots of love to share for her humans but isn’t a fan of other dogs and needs a cat free home as well. Hopefully, Sweet Pea’s third time leaving the pound will be the charm!

Update 7/22: Sweet Pea was adopted but returned. She wasn’t a good match for the other dog in the home.

Update 7/10: Sweet Pea needs a quiet home with no dogs or only cats where she can come into herself. She’s not gonna make it out of the shelter alive unless this unicorn or a miracle presents itself. Today I gave her a pig ear, she fully started to relax and enjoy it, and then she allowed me to take it from her with no issue. She just wants to love, and she needs someone to expose her to the world in small doses. She is light, would be totally easy to handle, and wants to be glued to her person, however she is quiet in her kennel, so I don’t think she’d be too vocal in a home.

Sweet Pea is uncertain around other dogs and barks at them, but she lived with cats and did well with them. She loves people and is happy to share hugs. She’ll lean her head against you enjoying every pet and caress. She’s a sweet girl who needs a special person or family to love her and help her feel safe.

Update 6/24: The best way to help Sweet Pea forget about her worries, is to take out a toy. She loves playing fetch and is good about bringing the toy back. No longer shy, Sweet Pea was sitting beside me and enjoying treats. She might pull back when you reach to pet her head, but rub her back, work your way up, and all is well. She’s a sweet, beautiful girl!

Sweet Pea has a very sweet demeanor but is a little shy around strangers at first. She’s housebroken and came from a house that had children so she is used to being around them. She loves a good back scratch and is deserving of a home who will give her lots of love. I had her eating treats out of my hand by the time I left. She will quickly steal your heart.