52272 & 52333 – Akiba & Nirvana

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In a foster home!
10 & 9 years
Male & Female – Both Altered!
FIV- & FeLV-
Available as of 8/26/19 – Owner Surrender!
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Update 10/19: It would be difficult to overstate the dramatic transformation of Nirvana (9) and Akiba (10), who were owner-surrendered and completely freaked out (unadoptable) in the shelter environment. Nirvana (the long-haired torbie) withdrew completely, pressing her nose into the corner of her cage without moving, for days. Akiba (Mr. Gray) glared, hissed and spit at anyone who approached. They arrived at their foster home in traps.
Now, several weeks later, it’s a different story entirely! Both Nirvana and Akiba have transformed into lovely cats who enjoy being petted, brushed and sitting with their foster mom while she reads or works on the computer. Nirvana especially likes to play with a feather wand, and is an affectionate lovebug. She reaches out and gently touches her foster mom when she wants attention — so sweet! Akiba is more reserved, which makes his affection all the more attractive. It’s been a joy watching him unwind, relaxing more and more as the days pass.
We hope to place these two beautiful cats together, in a calm, indoor-only environment where they can continue to blossom and gain confidence in the world around them. If you’re interested in adopting them or knowing more about them, please call the shelter at (706) 613-3540.

Akiba and Nirvana are the kind of cats that come into the shelter and completely break your heart. Akiba, age 10, and Nirvana, age 9 have lived their entire lives with one family. They have lived with each other for all those years, and they also lived with a child when he was born to 17 months. The family reported that Nirvana in particular was very loving with the child. However, they were surrendered to the shelter and are beyond terrified. Nirvana, the long haired torbie, has barely eaten in a week and was often found hiding her face in the back corner of her kennel. Akiba, the gray cat, was so afraid he was lashing out at anyone trying to comfort him. Luckily, an amazing volunteer saw how upset they were and decided to foster them in hopes they can adjust easier to their new lives – looking for a new family. They have only been in a foster home for a few days and are still very scared. Akiba is more brave and has been exploring his new digs while Nirvana has not moved from underneath the bed. Because they have lived for so long together, we are really hoping someone can take both together. These two have had their entire lives turned upside down, and we are hopefully someone can step in and give them the home they deserve for the rest of their lives. If you are interested in meeting them, please call the shelter at (706) 613-3540.

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