52175 – Blackie

3 years
43 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 8/7
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Why choose me?

Update 9/25: Blackie is all about having fun! He loves chasing toys, splashing around in the pool, and running with other dogs along the fence. He makes the most of his playtime, but if I want to get his attention, I only have to hold up a treat or a toy. He knows how to sit for treats, and he’s always happy to have someone to play with. Blackie is a happy, energetic dog who would love having a best friend who enjoys an active lifestyle as much as he does!

Blackie was a very sweet and gentle boy. He was cautious with the other dog in the neighboring interaction pen. He barked and wagged his tail a little whenever he saw the dog run. He gently takes treats out of your hand and loves to give hugs. He enjoys the mud puddles but not so much of the pool. He has playful energy but knows when to be calm. He is such a goof, he loved rolling on the ground a lot. Every time I laughed he would stop and look at me and then continue to do it again. He tugs on the leash a little at first but still listens pretty well when I asked him to “slow down.” I think he will do great with a family with middle age kids (he loves to jump to give hugs, but he’s a gentle jumper). I also believe a family with either a non reactive chill dog or maybe a smaller dog would be in his best interest if they had animals. He seemed more cautious toward dogs his size but didn’t mind smaller ones when we walked by the kennels. He’s definitely a character.