52151 – Jazzy

$250 in sponsorship funds available to a rescue group!

3 years
Female – spayed!
48 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 8/5
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Why choose me? Update from Jazzy’s fosters: Our Jazzy girl is learning some good socialization in her foster home. Her foster sister is also learning to share her space. Good for everyone. Jazzy been doing wonderful in just about every social situation she has been in with her foster dad. If you are looking for a family dog Jazzy would be great! She loves kids, adults and so far she’s been great with her foster sister. She loves zooming around outside and would love a family to frolic around with!! She is also just as comfortable relaxing and watching tv with her hoomans…. Jazzy has been in a foster home for several weeks. She is house trained, crate trained, and although she is a little dominant with other dogs when initially meeting, she can do really well when introduced properly. Jazzy is 3 years old, spayed, and ready to go to her forever home!! Update 10/18: Jazzy is in a shelter foster home. To make arrangements to meet her, please call the shelter at 706-613-3540 or message our Facebook page (Athenspets – GA)! Update 10/9: Jazzy is great in a home and almost fully potty trained but may have an accident. She went right in her crate with no issues. She was the best cuddle buddy when inside and even met the neighbor’s yappy little dog while leashed and was friendly and conscious of her size when playing with him. Update 10/2: Jazzy and I have a new game. She loves tennis balls and water, so now I throw the ball in the pool for her, and she leaps in to get it. Sometimes, she’ll splash around for a minute and other times, she’s out and rolling around in the grass with her prize. I’ll throw another one, and she’s off! Jazzy is a fun, fun, dog! She’s also super sweet and obedient. The next time I’m griping about hot days in October, I need to think about Jazzy. She’s probably like, “Yay, another jump-in-the-pool day!” I love Jazzy. She always makes me smile! I was about to leave the pound when I learned that Jazzy was back. I had to see my Jazzy girl, and when I did her tail was wagging and she was as happy and full of energy as I remembered. I love this sweet dog. She’s fun, playful, loving, and obedient. She loves people, toys, and pools of water. As soon as she entered the interaction pen, she hopped up on the picnic table where she knew she’d get treats and pets. Next, she headed for the pool to roll around and cool off. I’d throw a toy, and she was off to get it. It was like old times except that I was really sad that Jazzy was back. She was adopted last year. Since she’s microchipped, they contacted the owner, but he said he’d lost Jazzy on a camping trip last March and had already moved on in his life. He wouldn’t reclaim her. I was stunned! We have no idea about what Jazzy has been doing since March. The person that brought her in said she hopped in his car. Yes, she’s that friendly. Jazzy deserves a forever home. She’s a wonderful dog full of love, joy, and fun. She wants to be someone’s best friend, and if a kiddie pool is also a part of her new home, why, that’s even better!

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