52147 – BJ

Rescue Only – Medical Case

11 years
Male – neutered!
90 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 7/30
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Why choose me?

BJ is a big, gentle boy. He’s an older dog who was surrendered because his family didn’t have time for him. How sad! I could tell BJ was missing his family as he spent his time wandering about the interaction pen like he was trying to find his way home. He’d look at me with the sweetest eyes when I’d pet him and scratch his back, but then he’d be on the move again. I didn’t keep BJ outside too long because I learned that he was on his way to the vet. The officer who impounded him discovered a health concern that needed to be checked out. What a day for BJ–surrendered to the pound when he’s not feeling well! He’s a sweet dog, and I hope things work out. I also hope that he finds a family who will love and make time for a big, gentle sweetheart. He’s house trained and good with kids and other dogs. Until we know more about BJ’s health, he’s only available to rescues.