52143 – Josie

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3 years
23 pounds
Heartworm positive 🙁
Available as of 8/4
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Update 8/10: I hung out with sweet Josie all day. She has a spunky little attitude. She is a little shy at first, but if you give her a chance she will show you she’s a good girl. She was having so much fun chasing me around this afternoon, bouncing up and down and playing. And she will do anything for a treat 😎

Josie had just arrived at the pound when I met her, so she was feeling shy and unsure of her new surroundings. Still, she took one look at the leash, knew what it was for, and was ready to go for a walk. Of course, she may well have thought she was walking home. The interaction pen was somewhat overwhelming for Josie, and she found safety beneath the picnic table. She let me reach beneath the table to pet her, and it wasn’t long before she was feeling more comfortable. Josie is a sweet girl and an adorable Puggle with the cutest underbite. Hopefully, she’ll be reclaimed, but if not, she’ll be a great companion and walking buddy for whoever adopts her.