52141 – Adella

Rescue Only – Medical Case

2 years
63 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 7/29
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Why choose me?

Update 8/2: We’re looking for a (short term) medical foster for Adella! Adella came in with a chain embedded in her neck; while she is recovering nicely, it’s hard to keep bandaging in place and clean and dry at the shelter so we’re looking for a local foster to let Adella hang out for 2 weeks while her neck finishes healing. She will need trips to Firehall 4 Animal Hospital‚Äč every 2-3 days for a bandage change while she is in her temp foster home. Please let us know if you might be interested in helping this friendly & bouncy girl recover!

Adella is a sweetheart who makes friends easily. She didn’t hesitate to walk with me to an interaction pen, and once we were there, she was quick to see her neighbor Joey as a new buddy. Adella had an embedded collar, and the skin on the back of her neck is terribly raw (she’ll be visiting the vet tomorrow). While I made sure to stay away from her injury, I was amazed that she never pulled away when I reached to pet her or scratch her along her back. She’s a sweet, easy-going dog who enjoys being loved. She also likes toys and had a good time chasing a few until she decided it was time for some shade and more back scratches. Adella is a great dog, and I hope she finds a new home where she’ll be properly cared for and will always know love.