52136 – Bella

8 years
16 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 7/26
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Why choose me?

Poor, sweet Bella broke my heart today, she was so scared in her kennel today! Bella along with her brother Mickey were surrendered by their owner who was moving and did not want to take them with. Both dogs are housebroken, don’t climb or dig under fences and were kept inside. They have lived with children ages 12 and up. They have also lived with both dogs and cats. As I sat in Bella’s pen, she kept rolling over to show me her belly. She would also get spooked if I made any sudden movements, such as standing up. But after a few minutes, she let me pet her and that seemed to make her feel better. It’s understandable that she is frightened, she has been abandoned in an unfamiliar, noisy place. When I brought Mickey back to their kennel, Bella was overjoyous to be reunited with him! It upsets me that these two were given up by their previous owner, I hope that they are rescued/adopted together as they seem very attached to one another. Come meet this adorable duo at ACCAC!