52093 – Jojo

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Jojo has learned to walk well on a leash!

3 years
41 pounds
Heartworm positive 🙁
Available as of 7/14
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Update 7/27: Meet Jojo! She’s having a rough time at the pound because she doesn’t like being restrained, and unfortunately it’s hard to avoid that when you have found yourself at the county animal control. She gives plenty of warning and lets you know she’s not comfortable. It’s mostly when she has been picked up- reaching under her, etc. I was successfully able to put a harness on her with little effort just by giving a little break when it was all ‘too much’ for her. She’s only ever known a life outside and was found tethered in an outdoor pen. Her former owners said she digs out and gets loose all the time. While she was loose, she was great with other dogs (big and small), children (who she knew very well), but the cats were fun for her to always chase and try to eat. She needs a home (with no cats obviously) where she can be allowed to trust again. She’s not high maintenance, but she is heartworm positive and would need a home that could accommodate her as she can only go on leashed walks while she recovers (2 months). She actually walks great on a leash (see video!). She takes treats gently, loves a good belly rub, and will make you laugh. Do you have a place for a silly and sweet girl who just needs time and space to get to know ya?

Update 7/16: Good news! Jojo was ready to walk on a leash today. She had to stop for a little encouragement every now and then, but she did well! She had a great time running and enjoying herself in the interaction pen. She’d come to me for treats and loved being petted. Jojo is coming along. It’s wonderful seeing her happy and having fun!

Jojo hasn’t had the best life. Her home was a cage, she arrived covered in fleas, and she has heartworms. When I entered her kennel she was shy, but treats helped win her trust. I started off by tossing her a few, but it wasn’t long before she was eating from my hand. Jojo wanted a friend, and she also wanted to go outside with me until she felt the pull of the leash. Hopefully, she can get beyond that fear and be able to enjoy the freedom of running around an interaction pen enjoying the outdoors. For today, however, it was enough that she made a new friend and enjoyed some treats and pets. She’s a sweet dog who deserves a better life. It’s time that she knows what it’s like to be loved and cared for.

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