52083, 52084, 52085, & 52086 – Nala, Sarafina, Sarabi, & Simba

Born Approx 07/06/19
Female; 52086 – Male
FIV- & FeLV-
Available as of 9/7/19

Why choose me?

Nala, Sarafina, Sarabi, and Simba are the Lion King tribe kittens! They came to the shelter as 3 week old strays and have been living in a wonderful foster home. They are now old enough to be adopted and are at the shelter waiting to meet you! Nala, Sarafina, and Sarabi are all female, and Simba is the only boy. Nala is the lightest kitten and the most outgoing with Simba as a close second in confidence! Sarafina and Sarabi are still a little nervous at the shelter but with a few more days I’m sure they will be just fine! These tabby babies are adorable, and we hope they are adopted quickly!