52038 – Bojack

1 year
45 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 7/15
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Why choose me?

I think Bojack is adorable! I stepped inside his kennel, and this little guy with a puppy face peered out. He tentatively came to me wanting a friend but not quite sure of all the noise around him. With pets and some coaxing, we made our way to the interaction pen. That’s when I learned how much Bojack likes other dogs. His whole body wiggled from tail wags when he met Andorian at the fenceline. He wasn’t just sniffing Andorian, he was giving him kisses. He did the same thing later with Cloudi. When Bojack wasn’t wiggling with new friends, he was chilling in the shade. He’d inch out from beneath the picnic table far enough for me to pet him. If you’re looking for a sweet buddy for yourself and possibly even for another dog, come meet Bojack!