52035 – Petunia

8 years
60 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 7/14
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Why choose me?

Sweet, beautiful Petunia takes things in stride. She doesn’t ask for much–a few short walks through the day, a comfy bed, and some pets and kind words to let her know that she is loved. She was surrendered at a vet following a seizure, and now she is here hoping for a new home. Petunia is as sweet, gentle, and agreeable as she an be. She comes when called and welcomes pets and attention. She also enjoys short, leisurely walks and has lived with another dog. I can tell that Petunia prefers being an indoor dog as she truly appreciates air conditioning. She never complained about being in the heat, but she let me know when she was ready to go back inside by waiting patiently at the gate. There was a happy tail wag when I leashed her and opened the gate. Presently, Petunia is enjoying an indoor interaction room as her kennel, and when I opened the door to her “suite,” she was once again wagging her tail. I don’t blame her. She’s a senior who deserves a little pampering. Hopefully, a rescue or adopter will save Petunia and give her all the love and pampering she desires!