52014 – Billy

2 years
53 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 7/11
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Why choose me?

Update 7/8: Billy really touched my heart. He did the usual sniffing and checking out the interaction pen, but once I started petting him, he really lit up. He’d sit for treats, come whenever I reached for him, and then place his head on my knee when I sat down to take a break. Show him that you care, and you’ve got a gentle, devoted friend. Love him!

Billy is a bit shy and timid, but he wagged his tail at us when we approached his run and was happy to venture out. It seems he hasn’t had the best life before this, but he’s ready for a new start with his forever family. He has a beautiful tan coat and soulful, amber eyes. He’s a gentle guy ready for his new chance.