52012 – Nikita

4-6 months
30 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 7/9
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Why choose me?

Update 7/3: Nikita is no longer shy. She had two things on her mind when I took her out today–playing and hopping in my lap. She loved hugs, pets (even on her head!), and lots of lovin’! It was good seeing her bound about the interaction pen and then run to me as fast as she could to put the front half of her body in my lap. She’d happily lean against me as I petted her. What an affectionate, sweet dog!

Nikita is a shy beauty. She has a gorgeous coat and a bright, blue eye. When I first took her out, she was so scared that I had to carry her to an interaction pen. She pressed her head against me, and I knew Nikita wanted a friend. She’d come to me when I sat down and let me pet her. She was unsure if I reached to pet her head but loved having her back scratched. I left my chair to get some water, and when I returned, guess who was sitting in my chair! She was adorable, and it became her favorite place to sit and watch all that was going on. Nikita was feeling much more comfortable and even showed me that she knew how to walk on a leash. She’s a sweet dog who’ll be a great best friend to whoever adopts her!