52010 – Princeton

1 year
57 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 7/1
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Why choose me?

Princeton is a handsome dog. I think I was the first person to take him to an interaction pen after he’d been surrendered, and he was a little unsure about his new situation. I found that he’d come to me when I sat down, and once he let me pet him, it was all good. He wasn’t interested in treats, but pets won him over and gained his trust. Princeton lived with children and was good with them. He also likes other dogs. His owners were sad to leave him at the pound but said he kept escaping his yard. I imagine Princeton wouldn’t mind being an inside dog. I know he preferred the shade of my umbrella to running around in the sun and heat. I hope Princeton finds a new family to love. He’s a sweet, gentle boy!