51994 – Jorge

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1 year
87 pounds
Heartworm negative!
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Update 8/19: I had a great time with Jorge today. First, he wanted to have fun racing with Priscilla along the fence and was adorable when he’d play bow to get her to run some more. When their game was over, I took out a stuffed toy, and Jorge had a blast chasing it. He doesn’t play fetch; the fun is in the chase and then running around with his prize. He also sits for treats and is a nice dog. He doesn’t show well in his kennel because he barks and jumps around to let you know he wants to come out. He also doesn’t like it when other dogs bark at him, and he can be picky about his canine friends. He seems to do better with non-dominant, playful females like Priscilla, and I’ve seen him do well at the fence with smaller, friendly males like Simon. Jorge will probably never be a dog park dog, but he can be someone’s best buddy if given the chance. He’s a strong dog, so he does need someone who can handle him on a leash. He walks fine beyond the kennels, but he’s a handful near all of that barking. I hope Jorge meets his special person. He’s a sweet, fun dog with good times to share.

Jorge isn’t just big, he’s huge, and it really showed when he stood at the fence with little Hoops. Even though he’s large, he wasn’t using it to be in charge, and I felt at ease with him. He liked being petted, and when I got onto him for trying to jump the fence, he ducked his head and slouched a bit acting like he knew he wasn’t supposed to do that. I had to laugh at Jorge when he stepped in the pool to cool his paws. I was waiting to see if he’d try to lie down, but I guess he already knew it wouldn’t be a good fit. I’ll have to take him to an interaction pen with a larger pool next time. Jorge’s owner left him with a roommate and didn’t return. He didn’t do well with the roommate’s male dog, so Jorge is looking for a new home. He’s house trained and good with kids. If you’re looking for a big buddy, come meet this sweet, handsome fellow!

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