51900 – Jacks

6 years
40 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 7/1
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Why choose me?

Jacks seems to be an easy-going fellow. He moseyed about the interaction pen, hung out with Holly at the fence, and enjoyed some pets from me. Whenever I took out my camera, however, he’d turn his head and slip away. Then Jacks discovered my treats, and he was like, “How many ways can I impress you for a treat?” Now he was giving me his attention and his best sits. Jacks came in with Ace, and they were glad to see each other at Ace’s kennel gate. They’ve been here before and are microchipped, so hopefully, they’ll be reclaimed and can put their days of wandering away. Jacks is a friendly boy but needs to realize there’s no place like home!