51789 – Teagan

2 years
40 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 6/17
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Why choose me?

Update 6/8: Teagan has come so far since the first day I met her. Today, she followed me around the interaction pen, sat beside me for pets and treats, and actually played with toys. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were the first toys she’s ever had. I still had to carry Teagan part of the way to and from the interaction pen; she’s unsure of the barking at the pound. But, progress is good and not once did she try to climb the fence. I wouldn’t leave her unattended, but she was enjoying herself so much today that I don’t think she even thought about getting away. Teagan is super sweet and still waiting for her forever family!

Update 6/15: Teagan is back. Hopefully, she and her sisters will find new homes where they are loved and properly cared for. They’re all sweet girls!

Update 5/26: Teagan is scared in her new and loud surroundings, but she let me pet her and carry her to an interaction pen. She’s a sweet girl and continued to let me hold and pet her, but as soon as I walked away to get my camera, she was climbing the fence. Another volunteer joined us and sat with Teagan trying to soothe her and let her know she’s safe. I can’t imagine the life that Teagan has known, but I can’t help but believe that in a loving home, she’ll blossom. She was willing to take a chance with me because what she really wants is to be loved. I hope someone will give Teagan a chance, too.

Teagan was brought to the shelter after animal control removed her from a home where she was being kept outside in poor conditions along with 6 other dogs. Teagan is a very beautiful dog with a red fluffy coat, but unfortunately she is under-socialized. As a result, she is reactive in her kennel and I could not remove her to take photos. I did step into her pen, and she seemed to contemplate coming with me for a few moments. Hopefully, she will be able to decompress over the next few days and learn to trust us. Teagan is a young dog and does not at all deserve what humans did to her throughout her first year of life. She needs a patient and understanding home to show her how great life really can be.