51788 – Diamond

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And here’s another video of Diamond with Jasmine and her foster brother!

6-12 months
Female – spayed!
30 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 6/17
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Update from Diamond’s temporary foster 7/13: Welcome to temporary foster, Diamond!!
Diamond is Jasmine’s sister and she too deserves to recover in a calm home. I’m so excited to learn more about her!!
So far I know:
– she’s great in the car!
– likes children!
– loves other dogs!
– and can get down with some chicken!

Update from Diamond’s advocate 7/12: Oh sweet Diamond. After weeks of trying to get her out of her shell, she is finally coming around without the help of her sister (she is in a temp foster!!), and with some tasty NUGZ.
She is a survivor of neglect and abuse. She flinches, hides, and will even try to scare you away if she doesn’t know you.
She is a SURVIVOR. She is slowly but surely learning to trust…. she would benefit SO MUCH by being in a home with another friendly dog. She was using her sister as a security blanket, but finding someone that would adopt them both is like finding a unicorn, so staff and volunteers felt they’d each have better chances of getting out alive if they were separated.
If you might have a friendly and playful dog at home, and have a place in your heart and home for a pretty girl who needs to build her confidence, come meet Diamond.
She is not housetrained, as she was confined to a small rusty cage her whole life and forced to live in her own waste. She is only 8 months old. She deserves a chance. ❤️

Update 7/8: Thanks to donations to the Spay/Neuter Fund, Diamond is now spayed and up-to-date on her basic vaccinations!

Update 6/30: I spent my morning with these two babes. Diamond & Jasmine. Both are part of a same neglect case and neither of these gals have known a life outside of a small rusty cage (where they were picked up) or a kennel at animal control. While Jasmine is an instant buddy, lap dog, and heavy kisser, Diamond is not quick to trust, very shy, doesn’t show well from behind the kennel gate, and needs a little reassurance. They are both gorgeous and so full of wonder and joy. Both need homes where their adopter understands they’ve likely never been inside a home, and have never known what being a companion is. If you have a special place in your heart for the underdogs, come meet Diamond and Jasmine! They have so much potential and are so young at just under 1 year. They are not bonded and do not need to be adopted together, but love playing together when supervised. It’s time that each of these girls learned what it’s like to be a part of a loving family!

Update 6/15: Diamond, formerly known as Maisie, is back. Hopefully, Diamond (her real name) and her sisters will find new homes where they are loved and properly cared for. They’re all sweet girls!

Update 5/29: Maisie and Ellie continue to make progress! Today, Ellie was ready to walk to and from the interaction pen on a leash. Wanting to keep up with her sister, Maisie gave leash walking a try and is getting the hang of it. After some play time in the sun, the girls joined my husband and me in the shade for pets and treats. Maisie had her front paws on my husband’s lap as she was petted, and Ellie climbed into my lap to share some kisses. These two sweeties have come so far since arriving at the pound. It’s wonderful to see them happy and enjoying themselves. Maisie is still shy about initially leaving her kennel but once in an interaction pen, it’s all about fun, love, and treats for both girls!

Update 5/26: Maisie and Ellie were frightened when I entered their kennel, but once I started petting them, they saw me as a friend. They had to be carried to and from an interaction pen, but that was okay because they began to relax and enjoy themselves. They even started coming to me for pets and treats. Maisie and Ellie are sweeties who need a new chance in life. They respond to love, and while they’re still wary of their new surroundings (they did try to climb the fence), they’re making good progress. Imagine how they’d do in a loving home!

Maisie and Ellie are two young puppies that were brought in with 6 other dogs removed by animal control from a home where they were being kept constantly outside in small crates. These girls are beautiful, however, they are extremely under-socialized. Right now, they are too scared to let anyone near them. Hopefully, with some time and patience, they will come out of their shells. These precious souls deserve a much better life than the ones they were born into. Please consider rescuing these girls, they are just babies that need to learn how to trust humans.

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