51779 – Silva

1 year
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 6/17
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Why choose me?

Silva is a stunning beauty with her unique brindle coat and adorable ears. She’s also frightened at the pound but making headway. She had no problem walking with me to an interaction pen and even sat for me as I put a bandanna on her, but then she realized she was in an unfamiliar place with someone she didn’t know. She’d come to me and then dart away like she wanted a friend but just wasn’t sure. I sat on the bench and let Silva come to me. She let me pet her, and things fell into place. It helped that she seems to like other dogs and was interested in Curry and then Andorian when I gave them treats at the fence. I imagine it won’t be long before Silva is more comfortable in her new surroundings and ready to play and have fun. She’s a sweet girl who’s looking for a friend to help her feel safe.