51778 – Britney

1 year
40 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 6/17
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Why choose me?

Britney is a gorgeous dog with her white and brindle coat. She was initially shy when I met her, but Curry in the adjoining pen helped her get over that. For a time, Britney would step close to me then change her mind and dart away. She liked Curry, so I gave Curry a few treats at the fence as Britney watched. It wasn’t long before Britney joined us and was taking treats from my hand. The next day when I took Britney out, it was like we were old friends. She’d come to me, take treats, and let me pet her. When I left to refill the water bucket, she barked to tell me to come back. Britney is a sweet girl who will shine when you give her some time to get to know you!