51768 – Curry

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3 years
Female – spayed!
50 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 6/7
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Update 8/1: Man, I love this dog! Curry had a chance at a foster home today but lost out because the other dog in the home wasn’t having any of it. Curry was all friendliness and sniffs, but the other dog wanted her people all to herself. No worries, Curry found other people to hang with, not reacting at all to the raised lips and growls, just going on her way without taking offense. In addition, we took Curry by the cat shelter on her way back to her kennel, and even swatting and hissing cats didn’t phase her. This is a really good girl! I’m told she was surrendered by her people for separation anxiety, but on further inquiry, it wasn’t anything major. See, Curry would cry some when her people were gone–she wasn’t destructive or anything else problematic if you’re not in an apartment. And she raised a baby, no issues with the toddler years. I can’t believe she’s still at the shelter, and I can’t not take her out whenever I’m there. She’s that good!

Update 6/25: Curry is a fun dog who loves toys! She knows when I take her out, we’re going to play and gets excited when I reach into my toy bag. She has the best time chasing toys and then running around the pen with them. Eventually, she’ll trade the toy for a treat to keep playing. Curry minds well, comes when I call her, and sits for treats. She also keeps her kennel clean and takes care of her business as soon as she enters the interaction pen, so I imagine she’s house trained. I have a great time with Curry. Give her a little time to get to know you (she’s a little shy when meeting new people) and have some fun!

Sadly, Curry was surrendered by her previous owners due to issues with separation anxiety. According to her previous owners, Curry was great with toddlers and knew commands in both English and Haitian Creole, making her the most cultured dog to spend time at animal control! She was very playful in the interaction pen and loved to chase balls and bounce around! She loves to go to the dog park and would make a great companion for an active person who can give her the attention that she deserves!

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