51735 – Tyson

1 year old
FIV- & FeLV-

Why choose me?

This handsome boy is named Tyson because he was found at one of the local chicken plants, but despite coming from such a humble location, Tyson has a very fine-boned quality about him. His handsome tabby pattern is only marred by a scar that wraps around his right eye, but we think it actually gives him a lot of character. Tyson has been pretty shy since he came to the shelter. We have no idea what his life was like before here, but he’s made a LOT of progress. He’s actually one of my favorites because it’s so obvious that he wants to be loved on and to love in return but that he’s just not always sure that it’s safe. If you come up to his kennel, he’s usually right there at the front to meet you, but when you open the kennel, he’ll move to the other side so that he can feel safe. But if you put your fingers in and tap on the tunnel between the two sides, he’ll pretty quickly come up and give you a head butt. Once he realizes that you’re there to pet him, he comes over quickly and *loves* to be rubbed on. His only downside is that while he’s still figuring things out he can become overstimulated. While that will likely calm down when he’s in a home of his own with a more calm environment and a lot less stress, he probably wouldn’t be the best fit for a home with young children, although we think he’d be fine with old children and teens who could understand and give him space if needed. Could you be the one to give Tyson the home that he needs?