51723 – Sanford (aka Goose!)

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He LOVES playing catch!

2 years
85 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 6/5
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Update 6/23: Sanford is a sweet, goofy dog. Because he can be so silly, we often call him Goose, and he responds to it! Goose is big, but he’s also big on fun and lovin’. You’ll see when he gives you one of his big ol’ sloppy kisses thanking you for spending time with him. Take him out, play some catch, watch him go airborne (see video), and have a good time!

When I first met Sanford, he was shouting at me through the kennel gate. I gave him a few treats through the gate, and would start to walk away, and he’d start shouting at me to come back. Soon I realized he wanted to be my buddy. I leashed him up and started to walk him to the interaction pen. He is strong! He was so excited to get out and stretch his legs, he decided to attempt a zoomie before we made it to the pen and I almost went down in his goofiness. Once he was in the pen, I went back for Son, as they are bonded, but will do better when they are able to be separated. Son is very scared and lacks confidence and would only come around for treats when Sanford was getting treats. I feel once Son figures out that he is ok on his own, he will be some hooman’s best companion. Sanford is friendly and will come to you right away. He’s a big mush who LOVES scratches on that big head of his, treats, and his little friend Son. He may be barky in his kennel, but he’s really just trying to say he’d like to come out to meet you!

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