51713 – Bubba

6-12 months
49 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 6/10
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Why choose me?

Bubba, Fudge, and Ruby are a fun trio who came in together. I had a blast watching them play. Fudge and Ruby love their big brother, and Bubba is so good with his tiny buddies. The little ones had fun chasing him and jumping up on his sides but knew when to make a path when he was playing fetch. Bubba loves fetching toys and is good about bringing them back. He also sits for treats and comes when called. When standing by Ruby and Fudge, it’s easy to forget that Bubba is still a puppy, too, who likes to play, have fun, and be loved on. Bubba is wonderful with his young friends and is an all-around great dog!