51707 – Ash

6-12 months
43 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 6/9
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Why choose me?

Update 6/10: Ash and Forest were tested today off-leash with other dogs for just a basic assessment, and they did really great! Ash was very playful and outgoing, and Forest wanted to play but lacked the confidence Ash has. Either of these dogs would be great for someone looking to add another dog sibling to the family!

Update 6/5: When you see Ash and Forest in an interaction pen, you see two playful puppies making the most of every minute of their playtime. No longer afraid (read the bottom paragraph), they walk on leashes, enjoy pets and treats, and have even discovered toys. Ash was first to find a toy and run with it. Forest chased his brother and then gave playing with one of his own a try. I’m so happy this boys have conquered their fears and are finding out how fun the life of a pup can be. Now, they just need new homes where they can continue to learn and will always be loved!

Update 5/29: Ash and Forest are making progress! We took them to one of the large interaction pens in the back, and they had a great time frolicking and playing in the grass. They also started coming to us for pets and treats. I was surprised that it was Forest, who’s usually the shyer one, that was my little shadow today. They’re both sweet dogs, and to top it off, while they were carried TO the interaction pen, they were both ready to walk on leashes BACK to their kennel. It’s great to see them doing so much better than when they first arrived!

Ash and Forest are brothers that share a kennel at the ACCAC. They are two young puppies that were brought to the shelter after animal control removed them from a home where they were being kept outside in small crates, along with 6 other dogs. Ash is a little more outgoing than Forest and let me put a leash around him. I was able to get him outside of the kennel but he refused to leave his brother behind. That was okay with me though, I enjoyed just sitting with him on the sidewalk for awhile. At first, his tail was tucked between his legs, the poor guy was so scared of me! However, once I started petting him, he loosened up a little bit. I then sat with the puppies for awhile in their kennel. Ash was very excited to have me in there with him and he covered me in kisses. Forest was still unsure of me, but felt more at ease seeing how happy his brother was. Please consider helping these dogs, they are still so young with full lives ahead of them. I think Ash would make a really great companion. I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to see him cuddled up on a warm couch where he belongs and not stuck outside in a small pen.