51704 – Emmett

1 year
42 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 6/9
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Why choose me?

Update 6/5: When I first met Emmett, he was terrified and didn’t know how to walk on a leash. You should see him now! He’s got the hang of leash walking and loves being with friends. He enjoys being scratched (his coat is so soft!) and was so content that he’d close his eyes and even place his head in my lap. Emmett has also discovered stuffed toys. He’d chase them but had a favorite that he liked carrying around like a security blanket. I couldn’t help but think this soft teddy bear needed one of his own! Emmett is a sweetheart who needs a new start in life!

Update 5/26: Emmett is scared, so his first reaction was to bark at me when I stood at his gate. Treats got his attention, and it wasn’t long before he was taking treats from my hand and letting me pet him. He’s such a soft, handsome puppy, and like so many puppies, he wants to feel safe and loved. At one point, he did try to climb the fence, so he should never be left unattended, but I was able to redirect him with a treat. He’s a sweet boy who needs a loving home!

Emmett was brought to the shelter after animal control removed him from a home where he was being kept outside in poor conditions along with 6 other dogs. Emmett is a very handsome dog with a brilliant red and fluffy coat, but unfortunately he is under-socialized. As a result, he is very reactive in his kennel and I could not remove him to take photos. Hopefully, he will be able to decompress over the next few days and learn to trust us.