51703 – Mason

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6-12 months
41 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 6/9
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Update 6/5: When you walk by Mason’s kennel, he’s probably not showing you what a sweet and affectionate boy he really is. You have to get him beyond the kennel gate for him to do that (ask for help at the desk). Once outside, Mason shows that he’s all about love and fun. He’ll enjoy every pet and caress, and he loves chasing stuffed toys. He’s even pretty good about bringing them back to trade for a treat. Mason has the softest coat and is really a super sweet dog. He came from a horrible situation (read the paragraph below) but is quickly learning how wonderful life can be when you’re loved and cared for. I hope someone will give Mason a chance!

Mason was brought to the shelter after animal control removed him from a home where he was being kept outside in poor conditions along with 6 other dogs. Mason is a very handsome dog but unfortunately is under-socialized. As a result, he is very reactive in his kennel and I could not remove him to take photos. Hopefully, he will be able to decompress over the next few days and learn to trust us.