51663 – Jasper

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Medical Case – Rescue Only

Watch Jasper’s video, and see how far he’s come!

4 years
Heartworm positive 🙁
Available as of 5/31
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Why choose me?

Update 6/10: A boy named Jasper has stolen my heart ❤️?
This boy has no reason to trust me or anyone else. He’s been beaten up by another dog, starved, and then brought to a kill shelter when he was no longer convenient.
But he does trust me and he’ll learn to trust you if you give him a chance, and he tested well with other dogs at impound. He walks so nicely next to me on leash and takes treats oh-so-gently. (He should be kept on a leash for now when he is outside because the freedom of an interaction pen makes him nervous.) I had difficulty getting photos of him because he crawled into my lap.
My heart breaks for him because his heart is clearly broken. But it’s mending–he just needs time, gentleness, and love.

You won’t recognize me.
I’ve spent weeks at the vet because I was in really bad shape when I came in. I have healing wounds, likely from the aggressive dog I used to live with. I am emaciated. I have pressure sores, infections on my skin and in my ears, I’m missing hair, and if that wasn’t enough, I’m heartworm positive. I am, right now, by no means, your dream dog. In fact, I am not even my ideal self.
I am really scared.
Life hasn’t treated me well. Life has dealt me tough blows and I’ve fought them as best I could on my own, but now I have people on my side.
And I’m trying. I take treats, I let people pet me. I let those who exude warmth and genuine love close to me but I am weary. But I’m trying, I really am.
The next step in my recovery is a rescue. Athenspets, and Athens-Clarke County Animal Control are doing what they can for me but I need more. I need a foster home, a warm bed. I need a place to relax, where I can feel loved and secure.
I haven’t properly introduced myself.
Hi, I’m Jasper.
And I need your help.

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