51648 – Diamond Jim

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3 years
45 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 6/3
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Update 6/3: We’re happy to say that Diamond Jim has settled in and has been fine with male as well as female volunteers and visitors. Originally, the person that found him said he may not like men, but that hasn’t been the case at the pound. Diamond Jim is happy to play and be with anyone who takes him to an interaction pen. He’s all about pets, treats, and fun!

Diamond Jim is a handsome dog with a gorgeous white coat, a patch of brown on one ear, and a brown spot shaped liked a diamond on his head. He had just arrived at the pound and was a little shy until he met another volunteer who joined us. Then he was all about pets and giving kisses. The person that found Diamond Jim kept him for a few days but said that her own dog was too hyper for him. She also said that he may not like men. Of course, since he was there for only two days, it might be that he was scared and needed time to feel more comfortable around men. We don’t know. What we do know is that Diamond Jim is a sweet dog and once he gets to know you, has tail wags and kisses to share!

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