51622 – Miss Kitty

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5 Years
Female – Spayed!

Why choose me?

What a gorgeous Persian kitty we have here at the shelter! It’s quite rare to find a Persian like Miss Kitty here. She’s the glamour of the cat world, and has a calm personality, as is typical with the Persian breed of cat. Unfortunately, Miss Kitty’s previous owner could no longer care for her, which is why she is at the shelter. While Persian cats are a stockier breed, Miss Kitty is a bit overweight at the moment. That’s ok, though, because she’s on a controlled diet now. Instead of feeding her, you can pet her around her head, or brush her! Miss Kitty’s brush is hanging right outside her kennel, so feel free to open her kennel and give her a much-deserved brushing! Certainly, this regal, exotic lady will find an adopter soon. Could it be you?

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