51484 – Tiera

1 year
15 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 5/19
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Why choose me?

Tiera was full of surprises today. In her kennel, she was scared and shaking, but outside in the interaction pen, she was running and having fun. Her coat is such a mess that I thought she was older, but actually, she’s only a year old and can still act like a pup. At first, she hid under the picnic table, but that was before she met Pearl. Tiera and Pearl hit it off at the fence, and Tiera would play bow while Pearl would roll over on her back rubbing it against the fence and on the ground. Then Tiera would take off in a quick run to come back to see what Pearl would do next. They were playing a game. This helped Tiera forget her worries. Later, she sat with me enjoying pets. She was having a good time. Tiera needs a family who’ll give her love and proper care including regular grooming. She’s a sweet, pretty girl who needs to be given a chance to shine!