51419, 51420, 51423 – Naan, Brioche & Rye

Why choose me?

These three little sisters came to the shelter with their three brothers, who are located in the neighboring kennel (Pumpernickel, Pita & Crouton).  If you are considering adopting a kitten, we suggest that you adopt more than one kitten at a time, because kittens need to have a friend around at all times.  Kittens do not like to be alone, so when you go to school or work, it is much better for them to have a playmate!

In order to identify who is who: Naan (Ledger #51419) is gray/blue- colored. She has “dilute tortie” markings, which is quite unique. Rye (Ledger #51420) is mostly white, with gray and orange facial markings. She has less orange on her face than Brioche, and also has a bobtail! Rye was not shy at all with chasing the jingle ball toy today.  Brioche (Ledger # 51423) is white with orange and gray facial markings, and a normal-sized tail.  All three of these kittens are a bit cautious at first, but friendly with people, and love to play. We hope you consider adopting one or more of these sweet babies today!