51347, 51348, 51349 – Neptune, Venus, & Saturn

$75 each in sponsorship funds available to rescue group!

**Special $25 Adoption Fee!**


3 months
Sex TBD (51347), Female (51348), Male (51349) – Altered!
FIV- & FeLV-
Available as of 7/24/19

Why choose me?

Update 8/10: Saturn has been adopted! His siblings Venus & Neptune are still looking for homes!

These three kittens were lucky enough to have a wonderful foster mom to care for them until they became big enough for adoption! They are now back at the shelter and looking for their permanent homes. Here is what their foster mom had to say about them:

Venus is the black one. She has the cutest chunky belly with a little white soul patch on it. She is definitely the cuddle bug of the 3 and loves to hang out on your lap. She’s an observer but can always be tempted to play, especially if it involves catching that infernal red dot!

Neptune is the brown tabby. She loves to cuddle and nap, but don’t be fooled, she can hang with the rowdy crowd too (aka her brother). She has a great sniffer and “nose” when you bring out the treats! Venus and Neptune are very much bonded and it would be wonderful if they got adopted together. They are always following each around and snuggling together! They are definitely on the mellower side so if you are looking for a pair that can play and be independent, these are them!

Saturn, the grey tabby with white feet, is the rambunctious one of the bunch. He is always looking to play so be prepared to keep him entertained! He loves climbing and is an excellent jumper–he has no fear! He loves to play with the big kids (my cats) so he’d be great in a house with another kitten/cat. Even though he has a wild side, he loves to cuddle too. He starts purring the moment you touch him.

All 3 are litter box trained and never once scratched the furniture. They always used the cardboard box scratchers and scratching post we provided.

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Emily – $25 (each)
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