51267 – Tank

Rescue Only

2 years
Male – neutered!
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 4/13
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Why choose me?

Tank knows how to have fun! He couldn’t wait to go to an interaction pen where he could run with other dogs at the fence and play with toys. Tank has been at the pound before and remembered the routine. He loves playing as much as he did then and raced with Trent along the fence line. Then I took out a jumbler ball, and that became his favorite toy. I’d have him sit until I threw it, and he was off. He was always up for another throw. I’m sad that Tank is back but understand after hearing what happened. Tank can get nervous in new situations and gave a warning growl to a child in the home, so understandably, he was surrendered. I’ve always had a good time playing with Tank. He pulls on the leash to get to the interaction pen but does well on the walk back. When he gets excited, I have him sit for a treat, and he’s always been obedient about that. Tank is only available to rescues at this time. I hope he finds a home that’s right for him. He really can be someone’s good buddy.