51265 – Lacey

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2 years
Female – spayed!
46 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 4/30
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Update 6/27: Lacey is quickly becoming our ‘go-to’ for dog testing! She’s good with other dogs!

Update from Lacey’s Doggie-Day-Out 6/8: We took Lacey out on a trail and onto a short detour to Downtown Athens today. To say it mildly Lacey is an amazing dog. She is kind, trusting, gentle and never says no to neither adventures nor cuddles. She just trots about with a huge smile on her face almost wherever you are.

At our trip we noticed how well-behaved she was on a leash. She did not pull or lunge and kept an eye on us all the time to check that we were still following her. She mostly seemed content to just walk along and watch and smell all the new surroundings. When we meet other dogs she seemed curious, but she kept calm and viewed them happily from a far. She is attentive, and knows sit and raises her attention when you whistle.

Lacey reacted well to children and to adults, and calmly accepted pets from numerous strangers. While we enjoyed some sweets in bustling downtown Athens, Lacey laid down in between my legs and just watched the bypassers without much care.

This dog is such a sweetheart and I highly recommend anyone to give her a moment when visiting the shelter. She’ll hopefully make your heart swoon like she did ours.

Update 6/5: When Lacey first leaves her kennel, she’s bent on racing with canine friends along the fence, but once she’s had that time to stretch her legs, she’s ready to be with her human. She loves playing fetch and charges after toys. Then she’ll take it back to a spot beneath the picnic table until you reach for the toy to throw again. She loves this game and is especially thrilled if you reward her with a few treats. Lacey wants to please for treats and will give you her attention, sit, or hop up on the picnic table to earn them. I like playing with Lacey. She’s an energetic dog who also enjoys her people time.

Lacey is just now making it to the Athenspets webpage despite being picked up by Animal Control a few weeks ago. She’s been at the vet recovering from a deep laceration on her forehead that had to be stitched up. While she was a little shy at first when she arrived in to the vet, now that she’s recovered she’s doing great and is a lot of fun! Lacey likes chasing toys, playing with other dogs at the fence, and being loved on. She’s as sweet as she is beautiful and wags her tail and leans against you as you pet her. She gives a good sit for treats and is a joy to be with. Lacey is spayed, up-to-date on her basic vaccinations, and ready for a loving home. She’ll be your BFF!

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