51250 – Jasper

1 year
7 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 4/15
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Why choose me?

Jasper is a handsome little fellow with the cutest curled tail. When I picked him up to carry him outside, he tucked his head under my chin and stole my heart. Outside, he’d explore the interaction pen or come to me and put his paws on my leg to let me know he was ready to be held again. Then Bullet entered the adjoining pen, and they were instant buddies. Jasper adored Bullet. They trotted along the fence together and sometimes touched noses through the fence. What I really liked was how Bullet matched his pace with Jasper’s, and Jasper looked up at him as they ran. Jasper is a sweetie and will be a great companion for whoever adopts him!