51227 – Linus

4-6 months
27 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 4/8
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Why choose me?

Linus and Lucy are adorable pups with love and fun to share! Linus is quick to follow as his best friend leads the way. Lucy loves toys and is so cute chasing any that are thrown. Linus will join the race, but spunky Lucy usually gets there first. That’s okay with Linus because he’s as good-natured as they come. While Linus is timid and Lucy is out-going, both are as sweet as they can be. They enjoy being held and petted and always welcome tasty treats. If your lifestyle is more in line with leisurely walks and couch time, mild-mannered Linus would love to be your cuddle buddy. But, if you’re looking for an active pup who bubbles over with joy and is always ready to play, Lucy is the pup for you. Of course, you could adopt both—they already love each other and will love you, too!