51186 – Sophie

6-12 months
45 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 4/2
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Update 3/29: Unfortunately, Sophie is back at the pound with her friend Buddy. Here’s an update from another volunteer:
Sophie is such a fun girl. She would be the perfect addition to an active family. She was so excited to get out and play in the sun. Sophie had the time of her life chasing after me and playing fetch. She had a ton of energy that she was just waiting to unleash. She weaved in and out from under the picnic table a couple of times and enjoyed watching the dogs in the other interaction pens. I enjoyed the kisses that she would spontaneously give me as if she was thanking me for taking her out to play. Sophie is vibrant and energetic sweetheart.

Sophie is a soft, adorable puppy. She came in with her best friend Buddy. Unfortunately, their owner can’t care for them, and they’ve ended up at the pound. Sophie loves being close enjoying pets and treats. If I took a step back for a picture, she’d take one forward. She also liked chasing toys, but the fun was in the chase, and then she was trotting back to me. After taking pictures of Buddy, I brought Sophie in to join us. They were so happy to see one another. After their little celebration, Sophie came to me for more pets and treats. Buddy watched and wanted to join in. They were good about taking turns for treats and showing me how well they could sit. I liked watching Sophie and Buddy together; they get along well, love each other, and had fun running together. They’re both sweet, wonderful dogs waiting for forever homes!