51180 – Noodle

4-6 months
33 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 4/1
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Why choose me?

Noodle was such a good boy! He was happy as can be and excited to play! Rambler was on the other side of the fence and Noodle loved trotting along next to him! Noodle is wiggly and cuddly. Even though he’s a puppy, he was calm and listened well! He didn’t pull on his leash, sat when asked, and was a total gentlemen when being returned to his run! I know Noodle will make just the most perfect best friend, come check him out!

Noodle has been at the pound before. Here’s his earlier post: Meet Noodle! He is currently looking for his perfect furever family at the ACCAC! Noodle is one of the calmest puppies I have ever met! He enjoyed his time with me in the playpen, trotting around for toys to play with! Every once in awhile, he would run over to give me some puppy kisses. Noodle is such a handsome gentleman! If you are searching for a large breed puppy, come meet Noodle! He is going to be an awesome companion for a very lucky person!