51179 – Cola

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Watch Cola’s video from his Doggy-Day-Out!

He loves potato chips!

1 year
Male – neutered!
61 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 4/7
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Cola’s Doggy-Day-Out Update 5/27: Hey everyone!!! Meet ?Cola?!!
•He’s sweet!
•He’s soft!
•He’s been at the county pound for 57 days. ?
•He’s a breath of fresh air!
•He falls fast asleep once the car is moving (?)!
•He’s great on a leash – see video!!
•He takes treats gently – watch his video and see (he likes lightly salted potato chips, FYI)!
•He is proud to wear his RED, WHITE, & BLUE cowboy hat to be festive on this Memorial Day!
We passed joggers, people carrying fishing poles, and even other dogs and he didn’t seem to mind any of it! I left him in my car for a few minutes at the farm to change clothes (mine got muddy) and he was perfectly fine, so I don’t think he has any separation anxiety. He’s got a really soft and fluffy coat and is treat motivated.
He will make someone a GREAT companion!

Cola is a handsome dog with a gorgeous chocolate coat and adorable curled tail. He’s also mild-mannered and sweet. When I took him to an interaction pen, he was in awe of all he saw. He liked playing with Georgie at the fence and watching all the other dogs in nearby interaction pens. I’d interrupt his dog watching with pets and scratches which he always welcomed. He briefly chased a few toys, but he preferred seeing the sights or putting his head in my lap for pets. Cola is a happy boy who enjoys being with friends and seems to take things in stride!

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