51124 – Lucy

~ 1 year old
Female – spayed and vaccinated!
FIV- & FeLV-

Why choose me?

Lucy, AKA Lucy the Dojo Cat, has quite the story. She was taken in by some nice folks who tried to find her home since she appeared lost (she was wearing a collar). But after lots of advertising for her missing owners, no one came forward for little Lucy. Since they can’t keep her themselves, they’ve now brought her to the shelter to try to help her find a permanent home. But they wanted to share her story with you in hopes that you’d be willing to take her home. Here’s what they had to say:

“Let me tell you a story. I’ll be quick, I promise! At AKF Athens Martial Arts, about 2 and a half months ago, there was a little black kitten that showed up outside of the dojo doors during class, wearing a collar with a bell. There were no tags, but the kitten was curious and kind, and wandered around the school to explore once let in, and so the decision was made to take this lost kitten and take her home. Inevitably, and likely obviously, my roommates and I ended up taking her in, and for the last two months, we’ve watched our sweet, playful Dojo Cat grow up from a kitten to a cat. We’ve taken her to the vet to confirm her good health and did everything possible to find her previous owners, but with our exhaustive efforts, nobody came forward for Little Lucy. After a lot of consideration, we realized that we had to move forward and find her a forever home, as we couldn’t keep her forever. We brought Lucy into the Athens-Clarke County Animal Shelter and started working with Athenspets to advocate for her and help her find a home.

So let’s talk about Lucy! Lucy is very young cat and would LOVE to find a home that will play with her often. If you have other cats, that would be great as well, because she would have a friend to play with that understands her! She’s been litter-trained since before we found her, and for as long as we’ve had her, I can’t recall a single accident. She took a liking to a specific spot to scratch, so I don’t believe that she’ll damage furniture if you can give her a proper wooden scratching post and show her that that’s where she’s supposed to scratch. She’s a pretty picky eater, but doesn’t over-eat, so any food will work, as she will munch on it when she thinks nobody is looking or if she’s hungry. If you have other cats and don’t want food aggression, I trained her to stand on her hind legs before I’ll put the bowl of wet food down, which will help later if you already use this trick with your cats. She will nuzzle you if she’s feeling particularly affectionate, but usually, she doesn’t like being held for very long and isn’t as keen on pets as she is for play, so be careful not to over-handle her. As such, it might be hard on little kids who like to hold or pet cats a lot and can’t tell when she’s had enough. Otherwise, Lucy is a healthy, loving kitty who needs a forever home, and if you think that might be you, please come see her. If you’d like to contact me to learn more about her mannerisms and care while she was with us, just reach out to Athenspets, and they will put you in touch with me. Thank you so much for thinking about this lovely black cat. I know she’ll bring you lots of joy, just like she did for us!”